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We create they are tailored to your needs, they are practical, fast and light.

Types of Stands:

Stands and Display

At IDEAR we provide practical solutions to design problems, we manufacture stands that are easy to transport for ephemeral or itinerant spaces, which can be assembled in an easy and agile way, but always showing the best of Your Brand.

Types of Stands and Displays stands:

Mesa Promocional

Mesa Promocional

Características: *Stand con publicidad intercambiable. Estuche de lona para transportar y almacenar. *Fácil armado. *Con o sin cenefa superior.



Características: *Fácil y rápido armado. *Estuche duro para transportar y almacenar. *Publicidad intercambiable. *Cintas magnéticas para fijar la publicidad.

Con el Respaldo:

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