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Taller de Producción - Agencia de Diseño - Obra Civil

Taller de Producción - Agencia de Diseño - Obra Civil

In IDEAR you can find equipment with a wide variety of measures, in which you can make cuts without ties of up to 160cmx100cm.


Metal and Non-Metal Laser Cutting


It is a process that allows us to make cuts with a high level of precision at high speed. Its precision is such that it is capable of making pieces of various shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Apart from making fine and precise finishes, it is an economical way to make different types of pieces because no additional molds or processes are required in finishes.


There are different materials that can be cut with the laser:

Softwoods, Mdf, acrylics, a wide variety of plastics, Fabric, Leather, Paper, a wide variety of Cardboards, Rubber, Cork, Ferrous Metals , among many others.


Laser engraving


With this process, a surface engraving is achieved in a wide variety of materials, such marking does not fade and has a very high durability because it penetrates the surface of the material that can then be painted to achieve the desired finish


Some Engraving Materials are:

Glass, Ceramics, Metals, Wood, Acrylic, Ceramics, Leather, Fabric, Paper, Cardboard, Cork.

* Some materials must verify that they accept the engraving or cutting process.



Did you know that at IDEAR we have cutting-edge laser technology for cutting and engraving various materials including metals * ...

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