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At IDEAR we are concerned about being at the forefront of web design since it does nothing but change, with new trends that define what is understood as good web design. Thus, not so many years ago, web designers with advanced Flash skills were sought to create dynamic, high-value-added websites that otherwise could not have been created.
With the advent of HTML5 and the integration with CSS3 and JavaScript, the Flash world has been relegated to a second level and it is no longer advisable to create a website with this technology.


As the saying goes, an image is worth a thousand words and that is why the tendency will be to replace content with large images. Full-screen images have great power when it comes to communicating something and allow showing in great detail what is being offered on the web. We could say that this 2015 visual content is going to be king.


At Grupo Empresarial IDEAR, we adapt to your budget, we design websites according to your needs, with our own domain and easy administration.


You want a page for your company ...

I mean

In devising we can advise you and design your website, with good positioning and good memory, also implemented for mobile devices and social networks.

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